Radical Action Grants


Radical Action Grants (RAG) supports radical grassroots environmental activism – especially climate activism – in Aotearoa.

Aimed at groups less able to access conventional sources of funding, the grants give inspirational and thought provoking projects – usually done on shoestring budgets with volunteer time – a much needed boost.

We’ve provided grants of up to $500 for projects such as:

– Kayak hire for on-water action
– Organising for the climate march
– Gathering film footage of forest collapse
– Training and campaign equipment
– Design and printing of a new Legal Guide to Activism in Aotearoa / NZ resource booklet
– The January 2014 Oil Free Future Summit in Dunedin
– Printing of resources for the Dump Denniston campaign
– Printing of non-violent direct action booklets and marquee hire for the 2012 Keep the Coal in the Hole Summer Festival, held near the massive Southland lignite deposits
And more!

Our grants are entirely funded by donations. If you want to support environmental activism in New Zealand, a donation to Radical Action Grants is a great way to make your dollars count.

…It all started when we found that our own activism (involving stopping coal mines, opposing capitalism, promoting anarchy and taking direct action), couldn’t access the same kinds of funding that more conservative groups who were planting trees and cleaning up beaches could!

We learnt that we had to put a lot of our energy in to raising money, and that the costs of running campaigns can be overwhelming, and sadly some amazing campaign activities don’t ever manage to get off the ground. We needed to spend a lot of Saturday mornings at the markets selling bumper-stickers before our group could afford to print a stack of fliers, or buy some banner fabric!

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