Oil Free Otago


Oil Free Otago is a group of Otago residents who aim to protect our oceans and climate by preventing Deep Sea Drilling and further oil exploration off our coasts through nonviolent, community-led action. We are working to build a positive, low carbon future for Dunedin, Otago and Aotearoa.

There’s an important skill needed more than ever. In order to change things for the better we have to get brave, and be prepared to together take peaceful action to stand up for the future. History is crammed full of great examples of peaceful direct action. We need to rekindle solidarity, cooperation and peaceful confrontation. Sometimes saying NO can be the most positive thing you ever do. Then comes YES; to a fairer world, starting now.

Oil Free Otago’s message to oil and gas exploration companies looking to come to our patch is: Expect Resistance. There is no place for deep sea drilling in our climate-changed world. We will stand up to protect our ocean creatures and our future.

We work closely with other Oil Free and Climate Justice groups around Aotearoa. We helped set up the Valley Community Workspace (VCW) in North East Valley, Dunedin, where we’re building a shared electric vehicle – just because we can! EVs won’t save the world but an Oil Free Otago car shows Dunedin people that we are not just about disrupting oil meetings and protesting – we are serious about making change. VCW is also a great space for banner and sign-painting and nonviolent direct action workshops.

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