Loop Groop worker cooperative

co-operative projects

We are a worker cooperative rescuing dumped and abandoned stuff, repairing and refurbishing and re-homing it. We focus on bicycles and also love furniture, tools, electronics, musical instruments: anything that’s truly useful.

We believe in cooperation, democracy, circularity, sharing, wisdom, justice, ecology and mahi.

We operate our of a shipping container and a shed at 21 Minnie St, Eden Terrace, Auckland. The workshop is open to anyone who wants to use it. We supply, educate and facilitate. We’re open Saturday 12-4pm and whenever we feel like it during the week.


OUR MISSION : To create meaningful work by recycling waste while sticking to our values:


We adhere to the seven cooperative principles:

Voluntary and Open Membership
Democratic Member Control
Members’ Economic Participation
Autonomy and Independence
Education, Training and Information
Cooperation among Cooperatives
Concern for Community

Link : www.loopgroop.coop

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