Koha Shed (CBD Auckland)

co-operative projects

Koha Shed is an organisation that runs throughout New Zealand with different sheds dotted around the country. It takes household items, clothing, kitchen equipment from the community and redistributes and recirculates these items to others in the community for free. Koha shed refuses to have any money involved and runs on the basis of gifting. Everybody is welcome to come and take things from microwaves, saucepans and board games to dresses, coats and boots! All kinds of things people might need come through Koha and anyone who needs them is able to pick them up and take them home. This means a reduction in production, a recycling of unwanted or unused items and demonstrates that people can recirculate and exchange without needing to use money. CBD Auckland Koha Shed is open every Sunday 12pm-3pm in the Old Folks Association, off kroad.

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