Harbour Co-op

co-operative projects

The Harbour Co-op is a consumer-worker cooperative based in Lyttelton, Christchurch, that sells food, seeds, shampoo, personal care items, cleaning supplies, and other goods. Harbour Co-op is collectively owned and managed by 187 households, its 8 employees and one institutional purchaser organisation. Anyone who wants to buy from the co-operative is eligible to join, and can buy-in to the cooperative as a member-shareholder. Members of Harbour Co-op have access to affordable, high-quality products, many of which are fair trade, locally sourced and ecologically sustainable. Harbour Co-op is a model of a successful consumer-worker cooperative—a business that is jointly owned by its consumers and its employees. Principles of mutual aid, collectivism, and participatory democracy are at the centre of its activities.

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