Climate change and inequality are part of the same problem. Thankfully, there is one huge big solution that can tackle both. It’s called cooperation.

We now have the opportunity to create a better world while responding responsibly and justly to mass environmental upheaval and the economic and political inequality that has allowed it to happen.

With governments and businesses failed to bring about genuine or effective responses to the twin crises of climate change and economic inequality, those with the most to lose from both are starting to tackle it themselves.

Beautiful Solutions Aotearoa is collecting and connecting Aotearoa’s most inspiring and practical examples of cooperative ways of building a better, fairer and resilient world for those who need it.

It’s all about finding solutions that are accessible to everyday New Zealanders that are both good for our shared environment and meet people’s basic needs, because nobody should be excluded from being part of the solution because they can’t afford a $100,000 electric car.
We’re going to do this together. And it will be awesome.

Beautiful Solutions List